About Us

Property Perspectives is a premium real estate and commercial media production company. We strive to provide Kingston’s best real estate and commercial photography, virtual tours, property videos and much more.

The competitive advantage Property Perspectives offers in virtual tours specifically is the amazing Matterport Camera Technology. The Matterport camera and technology produces the #1 most immersive, easy to use and realistic virtual tours on the market. Gone are the clunky low resolution tours of the past as high resolution VR ready tours have arrived.

We aim to provide our top notch services at an incredibly affordable price to all agents and property managers in Kingston and surrounding areas. Contact us today to find out more about our services and what we can do to help build a strong brand presence for yourself and your brokerage.

Our Team

We understand better than anyone what it takes to market a property. The days of dark, cramped and crooked images that everyone has seen time and time again on real estate listings are over. Our professional photographer Emilio Ciccarelli has been shooting photography for over fifteen years, and has over 700 listings photographed under his belt. His extensive knowledge of exposure, composition, and post-production leaves all of our clients amazed with the incredible and undistorted images we provide.

In partnership with Kingston Drone Pros; our resident licensed pilot Kelvin Clark brings the absolute best in aerial photography, video and property scanning in the Kingston area. With over 350 commercial UAV operations completed without a single error; your listings safety is ensured. Now using the Inspire 2 X7 drone; there is no competition in image quality.

Emilio Ciccarelli

Co-Founder | Media Specialist

Kelvin Clark

Co-Founder | Aerial Specialist

Jackie Li

Media Specialist